I am located at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology at University of Ljubljana and the focus of my interest are mechanisms of developement and evolution of cell death in early evolving organisms, such as cyanobacteria and algae. pcd(1)

Emphasis of my research is functional and structural characterisation of proteases termed orthocaspases and metacaspases. They appear in prokaryotes and non-metazoan eukaryotes, respectively, and are structurally  homologous to caspases, the executioners of apoptosis in animals. These enzymes are proteolytically active, however their function in photosynthetic organisms as well as putative involvment in mechanisms of  programmed cell death is something we try to explain.

I am a member of a research group led by prof. Jurij Svete, but beside experimental work in the lab I am also teaching and leading practical laboratory courses for students enroled in Bachelor’s and Master’s studies of the programme Biochemistry at our faculty.

Some info about other activities I am involved in can be found here.

Most welcome to contact me either via the email or visit me in vivo in Ljubljana!