Other activities


  • Local organizer of the 5th conference on Plant Proteases 2022
    To be held at UL FCCT in September 2022 in collaboration with Renier van der Hoorn from University of Oxford.
  • Board member of the Cutting Edge society
    Driven by the enthusiasm, we are a group of young researches in quest to widen the field of research to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in chemistry. We do this by organizing the unforgetful Cutting Edge conferences as well as being part of many other events, all targeted to young scientists in the broader domain of chemistry.
  • MC substitute in the COST action CA18111 –  PlantED, genome editing in plants
  • Member of the Local committee of the society VTIS
  • Playing around with analogue photography: #Holga135.


  • Member of the PhD/Post-doc organization committee of the ISPR conference
    Held in August 2018 at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Early Career representative (ECI) in the COST action EU1048 (2015-2019) – EuALGAE
    Representative of all young researches in the EuALGAE network, which involves European researchers in the field of algal biotechnologies.
  • Co-mentor of the Slovene High school iGem group
    Production of waste biobuthanol from buthyrate in E. coli. Awarded a gold medal and was placed top 5 among 36 high-school teams.